With the perfect balance of form and function, spreadsheets are the best tool for personal productivity on the planet. These spreadsheets are designed to make your life way easier while you build better habits and grow


Create your own beautifully customized habit tracker in just minutes. Inspired by the customization of bullet journals, the Custom Habit Tracker requires ZERO spreadsheet experience.

When you customize your habit tracker (the colors, fonts, etc.) you’re psychologically more invested in it. This means you’ll be more likely to follow through with your habits and make them stick. Use this spreadsheet to customize your own habit tracker WITHOUT spending hours on design.


Long-term goals (like New Year’s Resolutions) can be overwhelming and hard to manage, so you need a reliable system to hold you accountable.

The Long-Term Goal Tracker converts your goals into trackable data, and then creates a schedule for you to follow. You can track your goals weekly, monthly, or yearly. The spreadsheet includes a full built-in calendar, progress stats, and cool lookin’ success meters.


Organize your projects (big and small) into manageable components or parts. Then track each component by its completion percentage or its “check back on” date.

The Project Manager Spreadsheet helps you prioritize your tasks so that you can spend more time getting work done and less time thinking about what you have to do. Ideal for both solo and group projects. Think of it like Trello (but better and easier.)


Applying for jobs is stressful. You have to find job openings, keep track of all your applications, remember your interviews, save their contact information, etc. etc. The Job Application Manager Spreadsheet completely eliminates that stress.

Organize all of your job applications in one neat space, set by step, from resume submission to interview process. Simple color-coded notifications tell you which applications require action and which ones you’re done with.