to ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS you must KNOW your personality type

AND YOUR subconscious MIND

success and happiness comes from knowing your personality type


How To Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination has unique subconscious triggers. Discover what yours are and learn to stop procrastinating forever!

How To Build Meaningful Relationships

You'll learn how to connect with other people on a deep level based on what motivates and inspires their personalities.

How To Find A Fulfilling Career

When you understand what motivates you, you can find a career that is truly fulfilling and gives you purpose.

How To Ace School Applications

Schools want to know the real you, they need to see what makes you unique. So give them a list!

How To Have Better Time Management

Every personality has a preferred time management strategy. Learn what yours is and how to maximize its effectiveness.

How To Build Habits That Stick

Everyone is different, so to build habits for life you need advice that is unique to your personality, not generalized tips.

WHAT'S a personality assessment, exactly?

Humans are like deep-sea fish trying to comprehend water when we’ve never been outside of the ocean; our subconscious is more or less a mystery.

This assessment is your guide to the surface world.

It starts with a personality “test” that analyzes your behaviors (how interact with the world), your subconscious motivators (why you do what you do), and your emotional intelligence (how well you understand yourself and others.)

It concludes with a personal debriefing with me, Alex, where I teach you what your results mean and how you can use the information to accomplish your goals.

IT'S like a myers-briggs personality test, but better

IT'S like a
myers-briggs personality test, but better


Learn How To Command Respect

Discover how to communicate with anyone in a way that compliments your natural strengths and commands respect.

Know Your "Ideal Environment"

The place where you are naturally the happiest and most productive. Discover how to be there all the time.

Discover Your "Time Wasters"

The things that cause you to procrastinate. Learn what triggers them and how to make them stop.

Understand Your "Energizers & Stressors"

The things that subconsciously stress you out or make you happy. Discover how to control them.

Your "Keys To Motivating"

Learn how to stay motivated all the time based on what your unique personality type needs.

1-on-1 Personal Debriefing

The assessment comes with a free coaching session where you'll learn how to use your results to make positive change.


Step 1
Take The Assessment

Make sure to have at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time available. Taking the assessment is free!

Step 2
Schedule Your Debriefing

Choose a time that works best for you. Debriefings can be up to 30 minutes and are also free!

Step 3
Review Your Results

Start changing your life for the better, and learn how to become your most happy and Productive You!


“I’ve taken several personality tests before, but this one was definitely the most complete and helpful. It has details about our behavior, areas for improvement, strengths and weaknesses, and tips to become the best version of ourselves. What impressed me most was the personal debriefing because of how eye-opening it was. I can definitely apply most of the recommendations to both my personal and professional life.”

Camila Araujo dos Anjos, Pharmacist and Regulatory Affairs Analyst

“It was the deepest assessment I’ve seen! I like the giant PDF report and the way it’s written. The 3rd person writing is really cool and puts things into perspective. I was most captivated by the ‘natural’ attributes and how they differed from my my ‘adapted attributes.’ Going into it I never would’ve thought you’d take the variable of societal influence into account. It’s definitely way more innovative than other productivity advice out there.

Brady Wade, Economics Student

"Overall the assessment helped me become more keenly aware of my strengths. Not only that, but why and how my strengths play into my life on a daily basis and on a more macro level. I feel more prepared to both face my weaknesses and highlight my strengths after taking the test and going over it with Alex."
"It was a super cool experience! I love how in-depth it is, and it doesn't take a lot of time! I love learning more about myself and with this personality test I definitely have. It's a great way to give insight into your strengths and weaknesses. You know what you need to work on and what you can be proud about."
"The test and debriefing with Alex finally confirmed for me that I'm on the right track. As a model my life can be really, really hectic. Thankfully I'm a "High D" (decisive and strong-willed) and have a "Receptive" driver (motivated by new ideas.) I recommend that everyone take this test ASAP!"
"All I can say is wow. The assessment opened my eyes to so many blind spots I didn't even know I had. I'm a do first ask questions later kind of guy. It taught me how to slow down and breathe. Also, I learned how to communicate better with other people, which is invaluable in my line of business."

“As a full-time working mother this is exactly what I was looking for. Time is a luxury that I don’t really have, so it was really helpful to see my strengths and weakness put into words that are easily understandable and I can definitely use this information to be more efficient. It will also help me be a better wife and mother because now I can see how and why our personalities might clash and how to avoid that! ”

Cendu Param, Wife, Mommy & Blogger

“Wow. The whole thing was very detailed, and it’s pretty damn accurate. The most surprising thing was really how accurate it was in describing who I am, which is a nice and humble person who doesn’t play games and doesn’t like to be told what to do. With the test and debriefing combined people can really learn a lot about themselves and how to improve their lives, or, at least, confirm a lot of things they thought about their personalities.”

Defrizto Canton, Open Format DJ



This assessment was customized specifically to reveal the inner workings of your personality and subconscious mind.

It blends 3 sciences together to discover how your emotional intelligence affects your behaviors and your motivators. Most assessments only look at 1 area of your personality.

The base assessment created by TTI Success Insights has been developed and scientifically refined for over 30 years. Other versions have been taken by over 30 million people in 58 countries.

The results are delivered as a PDF report with paragraphs, graphics, and charts. View a sample assessment and see for yourself.

The framework for the assessment was originally developed by psychologist William Marston, and later developed by the assessment and evaluation company TTI Success Insights.

I’ve partnered with TTI Success Insights to create this personality assessment specifically designed to help you become your most Productive You.

Other versions of the assessment have been used by companies like 3M, Microsoft, and Boeing in hiring and recruiting.

Not to worry, the assessment includes a personal debriefing session from me, Alex, a real live human! We’ll go over your results in detail together, and make a plan to make sure that you take full advantage of the information.

Yes! The results are all about you, and are based on your unique personality.

Ask yourself: “in what scenarios would a better understanding of myself, or a better understanding of others, in general, be useful?” The assessment can be applied in all of those scenarios.

For example: job performance, job satisfaction, school applications, studying techniques, managing techniques, interpersonal communication, relationship development, emotional development, and overall self-awareness, just to name a few.

In the newly updated 2017 reliability study the assessment was deemed as statistically very reliable with >85% accuracy.

This video gives an overview of latest reliability results.

The assessment has been validated by over 30 years of research. Data norming and rigorous data analysis conducted by both internal research teams and independent statisticians help ensure that the assessment is the most reliable and accurate tool on the market.

It should take about 30 minutes to complete the assessment. It’s important that you don’t rush, but also that you don’t over-think your answers.

For best results, take the assessment alone in a distraction free environment. Your initial answer is usually the correct answer, go with your “gut instinct” and try not to second guess yourself.

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